Coping After A Miscarriage

10 Quotes To Help Cope

“I Carried You Every Second Of Your Life, And I’ll Love You every Second Of Mine.” – Unknown

Grief Help logoNo matter what anyone says, you don’t have to just get over it. It’s ok to grieve and it’s ok to hold onto the memory of the life you miss.

Miscarriages have a way of changing a woman, and the impact left over from the experience is something you will and are allowed to carry for the rest of your life. Just because they are gone, the thoughts of what could have been are not, and that is perfectly fine. Allow yourself to love and honor that little life that could have been.

“You Are Not Broken. You Did Nothing Wrong. You Are Strong, You Are Brave, And There Is Hope.” – Ashley Williams

It’s natural to have feelings of guilt after a miscarriage. But you can drive yourself insane with all the thoughts of what you could have done differently or changed. But those thoughts just are not fair to you or to the life you lost. You did everything right, you took your prenatals, and you nourished that little baby more than anyone could have asked. Unfortunately, things just weren’t in the stars this time. But when you’re ready, you are strong and brave enough to face the world and be alright.


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