About GriefHelp.org

Rich Nilsen lost his college sweetheart and wife of four and a half years in a plane crash in 1997. The first version of this book was distributed free of charge to the families and friends of the September 11th victims. He founded this website shortly thereafter.

When you lose someone very dear to you, you come to a crossroads in your life.

To help you choose the right path, it is very helpful to read the work of someone who understands full well the deep sorrow you feel and can provide comfort and help. That is where this book  and site comes in.

“The Road to Recovery” is jam packed with helpful advice and resources to guide through this turbulent time, and make sure you get on the road to a better life. It is available for the Kindle eReader (Amazon) and  PDF e-book.  Feel free to share it with other family and friends who are suffering the same loss.