Are You Troubled? Are Life Circumstances Getting You Down?

(this support article is not part of the Road to Recovery book)

     Everyone faces issues in their lives, one form or another. Oftentimes, you may feel great anxiety or despair or fear or some other type of depression. This is only natural but knowing that will not comfort you. I believe there is one simple solution to this very scary situation.

I know because it has worked for me. I believe it will work for you because I have been called to share this with you.

The next time you encounter one of these scary feelings, do the following:

Ask aloud for the Lord Jesus to help you. Ask aloud for the Holy Spirit to bring you peace. Believe and have faith that God will bring you this comfort.

There have been several times in my life where I had the wisdom to do this. In those cases I was enveloped by God’s peace, which quickly brought me comfort and washed away my fears. This is a tremendous feeling, let me assure you.

You don’t have to know or believe in the Holy Spirit or Jesus for this to work. Specifically ask Them to help you and they will.

Is it really this simple? Yes, it is. I have had great anxiety in my life, not just from the death of my wife in a tragic accident. God may not answer prayers for you to win the lottery, but in a time of need, he will calm the storm raging in your mind.



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