Faith Fuels this Dairy Family During Grief

The Neahrings, a longtime dairying family in Tillamook County, have seen enough grief and disaster in their lives to make anyone throw in the towel.

In 1984, less than six years after Steve’s father, Donald, moved his operation from Minnesota to Oregon, Donald died and the family sold the dairy.

Later, shortly after they were married, Steve and Lynda purchased their dairy property a few miles away.

Then, in 1996, a flood hit that property at the confluence of the North Fork and main stem of the Nehalem River. The Neahrings lost more than 100 cows — two-thirds of their herd.

Neighbors and many others pitched in to help stack and haul away carcasses, donated food and cattle, helped clean up the mess and rebuilt the houses.

Twelve years later, Steve and Lynda Neahring lost their son, Nathan, 18, in …

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