How to Talk to Your Children about Death and Grief

With the surge of the Corona virus, many families are losing their loved ones at an alarming rate. Death is a sad reality and while we as adults struggle with the concept of death, it can be even worse for children. That is why as parents we tend to shield them from the truth, thinking they do not have an idea of what is happening around us. But children are aware and they can sense our emotions.

When single mom Nonzwakazi Cekete lost her partner four years ago to a bike accident, she was confused how she was gone to break the news to her then six and seven-year-old. Besides struggling with the grief, herself, she was having a tough time whether to tell the truth or just say he had gone somewhere far and would come back. “I just couldn’t bring myself to tell them the truth but I could tell from their stares that they wanted the truth. The people …

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