What To Say and Not To Say To Someone Who’s Grieving

What To Say—And Not To Say—To Someone Who’s Grieving

Do be present You don’t necessarily need to have the right words, but showing up with a willingness to talk about the person who died is crucial. Abdullah says that instead of trying to make someone feel better, really being there and allowing them … [Continue reading]

How to Talk to Your Children about Death and Grief

How to talk to your little one about death

With the surge of the Corona virus, many families are losing their loved ones at an alarming rate. Death is a sad reality and while we as adults struggle with the concept of death, it can be even worse for children. That is why as parents we tend to … [Continue reading]

Speaking Grief Documentary Available Nationwide for free beginning Aug. 30

Grief documentary from WPSU available nationwide for free beginning Aug. 30

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — At some point in life, we all grieve. The loss of loved ones, relationships, pets, jobs —things big and small. But often, we don’t understand that what we’re feeling is grief or don’t know what to do for a friend or family … [Continue reading]

Living with Grief – A Coach’s Perspective

Living with grief

How to handle adversity when nothing goes your way. How to lift others up when it feels like the world is tearing you down. How to stay devoted to your passion when it's a constant reminder of who or what you've lost. And how to be vulnerable when … [Continue reading]

Suicide Risk Rises Sharply. 6 Steps to Help Prevent Suicide

The Covid-19 pandemic has put mental health for so many people at great risk.  Here are a few quick steps to get yourself on firmer footing. Get off social media.  The correlation between depression and anxiety and heavy social media usage is … [Continue reading]

Raising Money for Fallen Sheriff who Left Behind Pregnant Wife

The Peace Officers Research Association of California has established a fundraiser for the family of Sgt. Damon Gutzwiller, the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Deputy who was shot and killed in the line of duty Saturday in Ben Lomond. The … [Continue reading]

A widow’s memories bring grief, comfort

Silver Linings: A widow’s memories bring grief, comfort

I often think of our last day together. We walked our dog, Lui, a Jack Russell terrier who would run in mad circles around the football field behind the Town Office building. This day, though, Lui stayed leashed and we moved slowly. Abe was in home … [Continue reading]

Is that grief or depression you’re experiencing due to COVID-19?

Q&A: Is that grief or depression you’re experiencing due to COVID-19?

Ronald M. Podell, M.D. Ronald M. Podell, M.D., is a board-certified psychiatrist with degrees from Amherst College and Columbia University. He is the founder and director of the Center for Bio-Behavioral Science in Los Angeles... Could you add … [Continue reading]

Honor memory, Move forward after death of loved one

Honor memory, move forward after death of loved one

"The challenge for you now," he wrote, "having lost your loved one, is to live a life that is honoring to his memory, while at the same time that life moves forward so that only one person has died and not two." Sharon Randall is taking the week … [Continue reading]

Virtual care offered for families of pandemic victims

Red Cross offers virtual care for families of pandemic victims

CLEVELAND — The American Red Cross of Northern Ohio has launched a Virtual Family Assistance Center to support families struggling with loss and grief during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Those interested can visit redcross.org/get-help to … [Continue reading]

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