3 Ways to Talk with Kids about Pandemic and Grief

3 steps to talk with kids about death in the pandemic

As India's Covid-19 cases rise, it’s increasingly likely to receive news about related deaths within our community. While it’s natural to want to shelter kids from such realities, should we be preparing them for possible loss in the pandemic? … [Continue reading]

Support Program for Nurses to Deal with Grief and Anxiety

Imagine Launches Support Program for Nurses

“I was quickly overwhelmed with the weight of so many sick and unstable patients, not knowing if and when things would ever get back to ‘normal.’ Once again, Imagine created a program for me to turn to with people who understood how I feel; people … [Continue reading]

Mark Wahlberg on Guilt and Grief in ‘Good Joe Bell’

TIFF Review: Mark Wahlberg Effectively Handles Guilt & Grief in Cathartic Drama Good Joe Bell

The first event at which we see Joe Bell (Mark Wahlberg) speak his anti-bullying message can’t help but make you laugh. He’s standing on-stage with a disheveled look cultivated by a weeks-long journey on foot, spouting more nervous “ums” then … [Continue reading]

Helping children through COVID-19 pandemic grief

COVID-19 | Helping children with pandemic grief

“Not telling them does not protect them,” said one of the authors, Louise Dalton, a consultant clinical psychologist in the department of psychiatry at Oxford, who led the project together with Elizabeth Rapa, a senior postdoctoral researcher. “Even … [Continue reading]

How to Be with Sadness. 6 Steps for Supporting Others Through Tough Times

How to Be with Sadness

On my way to becoming a trauma and emotion-centered psychotherapist, I learned to just be with sadness rather than trying to fix it. I learned my presence and willingness to offer support was all I could realistically do. Being there was enough. Some … [Continue reading]

Infertility – A Woman’s Silent Prayer

A Woman’s Silent Prayer

On the first day of Rosh Hashana we read the story of Hannah, a woman who faces the pain and suffering of being infertile, like many of our matriarchs. The first chapter of Samuel 1 begins with “vayehi ish,” “there was a man” describing Hannah’s … [Continue reading]

Drive-In Vigil to Provide Support to Loved Ones of Those Lost to Suicide

Salford Drive-In Vigil to Provide Vital Support to Loved Ones of Those Lost to Suicide

September 10th is World Suicide Prevention Day Thursday, 10th September, ‘World Suicide Prevention Day’, will see the world’s first pop up drive-in cinema being erected by START a mental health charity, in Salford, to mark World Suicide Prevention … [Continue reading]

Faith Fuels this Dairy Family During Grief

Faith fuels this dairy family

The Neahrings, a longtime dairying family in Tillamook County, have seen enough grief and disaster in their lives to make anyone throw in the towel. In 1984, less than six years after Steve’s father, Donald, moved his operation from Minnesota to … [Continue reading]

You’re Not Alone. Grieving Loss From Afar

Grieving the loss of my childhood friend from afar

Last week I received an unexpected call from my mother. Gakii, one of my dearest friends from childhood in Kenya had died. With suspicions that it’s a COVID case and only limited information from doctors about “cause of death”, no one is really sure … [Continue reading]

What To Say and Not To Say To Someone Who’s Grieving

What To Say—And Not To Say—To Someone Who’s Grieving

Do be present You don’t necessarily need to have the right words, but showing up with a willingness to talk about the person who died is crucial. Abdullah says that instead of trying to make someone feel better, really being there and allowing them … [Continue reading]

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