Remembering 2 Young Women Shot at Movies

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  LAFAYETTE, La. (AP) - One was a talented artist who sang in an all-female band and planted trees to beautify her neighborhood. Another was studying to be a radiology technician and looking forward to a future with a longtime boyfriend. Jillian … [Continue reading]

Use Grief To Re-evaluate What You Value in Others

 I broke up with my boyfriend this week. I’d thought he was “the one” and tried to make it work. Two weeks ago, my best friend (male) died. Then I discovered my boyfriend has feelings for his widow. Worse, he’d been secretly sleeping (supposedly on … [Continue reading]

Grief Help: Care For Depression, Anxiety Helps War-Exposed Children

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  (Reuters Health) - Treating depression and anxiety in youngsters affected by war may have lasting benefits for their mental health and ability to function in society, new findings suggest. The study, of former child soldiers and other young people … [Continue reading]

Africa: UN Reminds World of Invisible Plight of Millions of Widows

 United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is urging the world on the fifth International Widows' Day "to assert the rights of those whose bereavement is followed by exclusion, abuse or the loss of homes, livelihoods and social standing." In his … [Continue reading]

How to Cope with Grief in the Workplace

NEW YORK (AP) - The sudden passing of Dave Goldberg, the popular Silicon Valley executive and husband of Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg, touches a subject most workers probably don't consider until they have to. In the U.S., many companies offer a few … [Continue reading]

10 Need-to-Know Facts about Memorial Day

 A lot of people have forgotten about #2 1. It began with the Civil War. Memorial Day originally honored around 620,000 soldiers who died in the civil war (1861-1865) 2. It was first known as Decoration Day. The holiday was known as Decoration … [Continue reading]

EL DORADO SPRINGS, Mo., Aug. 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- A loss of a child is a life-changing trauma that many may not be able to bear or even move on from. For J. Brent Bland, it inspired him to write a book and share his experience to all, so others … [Continue reading]

One of the Strongest Woman in the World and Her Life Now

by Rich Nilsen Madonna Badger.  You may remember her in the news a couple of years ago.  She was the woman whose house burned down on Christmas morning, taking the lives of all three daughters as well as both of her parents.  This was one of the … [Continue reading]

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This is, a site designed to help you overcome your grief and move on with a happier and more fulfilling life. … [Continue reading]

5 Ways to Deal with Grief Recovery Setbacks by Ryan Rivera One of the most difficult aspects of grief recovery is the fact that the process of grieving is a highly individualized process. Because the grief process is different for every person, it is impossible to know, for … [Continue reading]