How You Can Help Those Who Are Hurting

They Need You More Than They Need Your Words

Not sure how to help others who are hurting? You aren’t alone. Most people want to help but don’t know how. For some, reaching out to someone in crisis is scary because you don’t want to say or do the wrong thing, but yet others might over-involve themselves in someone else’s pain, making things more difficult. Following are some tips to remember, that if used, will guide your help so that it is actually helpful to others who may be facing adversity.

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Listen More Than You Speak

Remember listening can be more powerful than the words you share with others. It is natural to want to fill the void of pain or confusion or grief with words, activity, and other forms of “helping.” But often what a sufferer most needs is for you to be present to whatever he or she is experiencing in the moment. If she’s sad, reflect that sadness. If he’s confused, let him know you understand…

Speak Your Mind

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