Reading therapist launches book to help children cope with grief

Author Wendy Picken has given free copies of her book, It’s Not Fair! to local hospices and will donate 10 per cent of the profits to support the work of local bereavement charity Daisy’s Dream.

Wendy has enjoyed a long career providing therapeutic support to children and their families, and in recent years has specialized in helping children who have been bereaved.

While the idea for It’s Not Fair! was born out of her frustration at the lack of children’s literature addressing the issue of death, it also reflects her understanding of how stories can help adults engage children at a time of loss.

Wendy also received help with the book from her co-author Jane Foulkes, an experienced psychotherapist, and her mother-in-law Jenny Picken provided beautiful illustrations to help children who respond to visual forms of communication.

The first section of the book helps identify the common emotions that children can experience following the loss of a person close to them, while the remaining sections of the book introduce Frankie, a little girl who is very sad about missing her mum, and Albie, who is very angry following his dad’s death.