Creative Ways to Keep Your Dog’s Memory Alive After She Dies

The hardest part of of having a dog is losing them much too soon. Not only is it excruciatingly painful, but it often involves some very, very hard decisions. It can be traumatic and takes a long time to move on.

Our deep bond with our pets has gained recognition over the years as more people see their dogs as family members, and the media has acknowledged how difficult it is to lose a pet: The Washington Post posted an article in 2012 titled: “The Death of a Pet Can Hurt as Much as the Loss of a Relative” and the same year, The New York Times posted the article, “Grieving for Pets and Humans: Is There a Difference?”

Psychology Today ran a 2016 article called, “Why Losing a Pet Hurts So Much.” “From one pet owner to another, we understand the intense pain and emptiness that occurs after this loss. There is no correct way to grieve and work through this process, as everyone walks down a different journey with a pet.”

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It can help with the grieving process to find a way to memorialize your dog. There are many different ways to do this, so you can choose one that feels the most powerful — and natural — way to honor the intense love between you and your dog.

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